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Bernie Sanders, political struggle and the source of power

extract from a conversation concerning Bernie Sanders spouting Russiagate propaganda:

I think Sanders could be pointing out how the Russiagate narrative is being used by establishment democrats to hide the fact that it was them who fucked him and the rest of us over, not Russia. He would lose what little support they give him, and his position in government would soon be over, but he could use his popularity to change people’s minds and hearts which would inevitably bear fruit as people would stop buying the b.s. of the democratic party and establishment media, and demand a real alternative. But like most politicians he cares more about the short term political power game, then the long term game of consciousness change. Maybe he can do more good from the inside; that is always the political pragmatist’s excuse. But such power is an illusion; or at best, the wiggle room within a power structure allows for some transformation perhaps, but the change it generates is a rather short lived surface effect. It pales to the power of the true leader who establishes new consciousness. I think he was doing that for a while, waking people up to class consciousness when it was desperately needed. But he is no MLK; no radical thinker or visionary leader. He is a career politician with a few talking points he is satisfied repeating from the little place within the power structure he has been allowed to have.


I don’t think it is about career or integrity. I think he, like most people, doesn’t see beyond those surface effects. People don’t see the long game. Politics is mostly for puppets. Those attracted to it believe political struggle is productive and don’t recognize real power even when they have it or are a part of it, because it was never really theirs to begin with; never do they realize how far downstream they were from the real creative spring. They may inspire people for the moment, but they get distracted by immediate results and issues.

The same goes for consumers of political culture. I notice how little people really look at the important movements because they are so glued into the day to day nonsense. They miss decisive moments and fault lines where an opening is created. An opportunity to act independently and create change in their world emerges, but they are too focused fighting someone else’s battle to see the emergent value and power right in front of them.
The dialectical forces might have even flipped the meaning of what they are fighting for into its exact opposite and they don’t even know the difference.

Everyone wants to be a part of some meaningful change but we are not taught how to see the abstract motion that meaning depends on. So blame it on ego, which is correct in the Eastern sense, which connotes not just pride but ignorance, attachment to the fruits of our actions, attachment to ourselves as the actor and our effect on the world which blinds us to the real source of freedom and power: awareness of that tapestry of abstract interdependence: consciousness of the spirit in things that speaks when to us when the grasping for meaning gives way to the power we all have, all the time, underneath our longing and striving.


I guess I see things less in the stark terms of empowerment/enslavement, corruption/ authenticity, etc. It will be centuries before anything that qualifies as enlightened can be dominant on this planet. I am also less interested in political power as a solution when most people are content letting others decide their thought and life. Quality thinking takes time and most people don’t have time.

So yes Charles, I agree, people need to be smarter first, but they also need their needs met. I also shy away from any stark judgment. We need to be more conscious as a society if we want more evolved social structures, but I also recognize that everyone has their karma, their pace of learning, and it isn’t my place, nor is it effective to try to change them before they are ready.

In the meantime the current system is not sustainable, and I think some of the elites are attempting to gain global control precisely so they can transition us into a new system that is sustainable. Maybe they are right to want to maintain order and gain enough control just to get us as quickly as possible to a state of society without so much chaos and suffering. Too many people are suffering needlessly when we have the technology to clean up the environment and end poverty. The question then becomes how much of a say do we want in that new world order. Do we want to preserve our so called democracy and national sovereignty when it leads to further environmental collapse and the continuation of capitalist exploitation? I think some of the conservative elites think so. I am not sure. But what are our options realistically? The globalists want to bring peace and sustainability at the cost of our freedom. The means to that end could be frightening. Are there other options? I hope so. To the extent that we do become more intelligent and conscious, more organized and self reliant, it will be much easier for those within the elite who are fighting for more distributed power systems to justify allowing us some freedom.

I also happen to believe that this dialectic between top down planetary management and distributed localized power is playing out on many levels, including similar factions within the underground/offplanet breakaway culture and their allied alien groups. A big factor is how much we are ready to handle. How much freedom, how much power and technology, how much truth can we handle without it actually harming us or further harming the planet? I highly recommend this presentation that I attended a few years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0mimIp8mr8
Catherine Fitts details why it isn’t about corruption but a system that developed to finance and manage the difficulties of dealing with the responsibilities for transitioning Earth to a future beyond most people’s comprehension. The question I was asking people at the conference was, are we ready to know the truth? I told Chris Carter of Xfiles fame how much I liked it when the show defended the reasons of the elite and less of the melodrama. It is easy to say we want to know the truth, but to actually take the time to understand it properly, to actually become the beings of great power we are in essence without losing our souls…. we need to be careful. In the meantime, for those who are ready, the truth is out there! at least more and more of it as some of us become ready.