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Hyperphysics to Higher Density

The pages of this website are coalescing into a virtual intersection of ideas and expression we hope you will find of some value. We aim to bring coherence and focus to the ideas and myths of our time, but we do not aim to be another niche movement or branded philosophy. We find certain metaphors useful but we emphasize the understanding that emerges from the play of differences over the reduction of those differences to any one frame or view.  There are no final meanings to our words or singular truths.  We encourage discussion concerning the relative values of every truth, but those values depend on contexts that are never complete in themselves.  We aim to heal but not make whole and complete, except in the sense that we achieve the fullness of our destiny as beings of rich diversity, open to the challenges of ever greater knowledge and the bliss of ever greater harmony.

For true health is harmony, not singular unity; though the true ascent to greater harmony is through a descent and a reaching out into the deeper dissonances that frame any relative order, through a confrontation with the infinity we perceive as a chaos that surrounds our little islands of sense and order, in an ever evolving and re-tuning of the instrument of divine creativity we call life and nature.  We are here to fully confront the essential challenge of our times: the question of technology, of complexity, of a world without natural or coherent foundations, of an irreducible diversity whose harmony depends on us having a vision of existence that can see the dangers and potentials of every choice, in every division and unification.  Rather than a “meta-physics” that seeks a realm or truth beyond change, the time has come for us to learn the physics, or perhaps, a “hyper-physics” that may organize motion into meaning and achieve not a transcendence of illusion into any absolute reality, but a convergence of meanings and motions into an ever-greater concentration and simultaneity of realities.

Since the dawn of our awareness of time, history has been calling us forth from the womb of spatially nested rhythms and into the creatively symbolized and seemingly “virtual” dimensions of a temporal landscape. While media transformations threaten to ensnare us in a narrow and timeless virtual simulation of our primal patterns of creature comfort, and the convergence of biotechnology and electric media portend an effacing of the very substance of the human, this convergence is also an opportunity to emerge from the virtual sleep of the material dream and discover the cosmic and karmic machinery that lies behind all embodied existence, and which serves as a tool and vehicle for the experiments of beings riding through longer arcs of time than our surface selves and their short lives and struggling memory. Indeed we must in this age, discover our higher and deeper self and other selves, the collective dreamers of this dream, to reveal their art-science of dream-weaving back together the symbols of lost light, and learn the true high technology that is all life and biology, the dream body that gradually awakens and remembers its origin in unity.

For the virtual is not opposed to the real. Reality is an agreement, a group dream within the imaginary, a degree of coherence and overlap of worlds within worlds. The danger at this crossroads is with us succumbing to a narrow unity that plunges us back into the timeless dream as mere appendages of that greater being, into a world of diminished reality and limited imagination.  The possibility in this era is of waking up to the next layer of programming in our matrix of creation before we fall too deep into the further abstraction of our virtual media. The time is ripe to see the “virtual” foundations of our very existence, to see the temporal rhythms or “phase” relationships that give substance to all emergent reality out of the infinity of ways to play and conjugate the ratios of light we experience as space and time.  Only then can we guide our worlds towards the incarnation of a greater being, only then can we create a passage for the light to shine through the dark and illuminate all beings as an infinite song of Being.

For while we may be one being, mistaking that being for what is mere outward presence, mistaking the world of beings for the fabric of Being itself, blinds us to its true infinite nature and to the possibilities calling to us from beyond.  They call us to create a world that can evolve an artful symmetry in the divisions of finite perspectives, a world that can respond with sensitivity to the ever-changing needs of our embodied vehicles as they learn the music in the ratios of relationship we call self-consciousness.

This is the great cosmic art of carving out of a world of forms within the formless intensity of our universe of light.  The nature of that symmetry of asymmetries, that unification of information into meaning,  determines the world we become and the worlds with which we play.  To mistake this moral responsibility for a predetermined dialectic is the mistake of many a man’s reason.  What is emerging in this era is the vision of “the Real” not in “objective” reality as physical ground or even as neutral factual data that is later given a meaning, but in the unity of light itself as a scalar motion, an incompressible infinity of ratios of pure magnitudes of intensity, which becomes information only in modulation through a medium, through a reference frame of vector motion in space and time.

This visible world of forms as it appears is what is divided, what is illuminated by the reflections of light, what is seen with light and so can only show aspects and symbols of the being which sees, the being of light which we are. Light itself is true unity; it is the seer so cannot be seen directly, only inferred from the reflection we get from our intensity, our degree of concentration of the lines of force in the fields of possibility, our molding of the rhythms of a virtual world that defers the unity of light into the myriad proportions and scales of vibration that animate the cosmos. While we can experience the unity of light’s timeless, spaceless, undifferentiated symmetry, in various degrees of intensity, with all the different opportunities life may bring to feel coherence in some small collapse of difference into singularity, the obsession of all life and higher intelligence, (which can take on rather immoral forms even in species of consciousness more evolved than us), is to reach a dynamic sustainable state of difference in unity, what Sri Aurobindo called in its ideal, the Supermind, but which many people and cultures have sensed and sometimes understood as the optimization of life’s desire for immortality, its evolving will to create systems coherent enough within their context to bring the heavens down to Earth, to balance mind and life, to temper the chaos and uncertainty of nature through a ritual ordering of the community and its structures.  This often goes just as far as an increase of “life force”— procreative, regenerative vitality and a continuity of culture— but becomes in its sophistication in “spiritual science”, an increasing mastery over creative power itself, that is, the power to determine which dream becomes reality.

This core activity of life which we all strive on some level to master, this ability to cohere the field and temper distortions—to align the phases—the rhythms—the stages or states of any pattern—can lead down different roads.  This phase conjugation, this convergence of fields through a geometric arrangement that can preserve information through different transformations in symmetry or through different projections in perspective, is not at bottom, an all embracing path.  Certain selections must be made; the power which organizes these fields is based on an acquired polarity that through the charging of that potential of irreducible difference in which we find ourselves in space and time, can then launch out from that attainment of coherently polarized self-consciousness, and harmonize through the conquering power of the Titan or the grace of the Divine.  While types of coherence and health can be achieved through an “entrainment” or matching of our rhythms within one of the dominant patterns that rule our system, this is always at the expense of differences not commensurable with the system, with varying levels of violence guaranteed, depending on the depth of unity.  True self-consciousness known as enlightenment, is the ability to resist entrainment to other patterns, to hold inwardly to unity and for the first time make a real choice. The path from there is the key choice: how does one then relate to the other?

It is here that the greater and also more disturbing possibilities for a coherence that benefits from disorder rather than one that keeps it at bay become possible—which becomes increasingly possible and necessary the more we are exposed to greater complexity and density of information. Even those not seeking any transcendence or enlightenment will soon face the choice as increasing density requires a more decisive context.  There is a potential for power accumulation for those willing and able to harvest the chaos that those caught in its conflict cannot assimilate or understand.  The single minded path of power accumulation merely feeds off of change in a hunger that sustains an insular structure through a dynamic appropriation of the new.

The other choice is the path that is open on all sides, not just to the incorporation of the new, but to a true dialog and transformation of the whole, to a reaching back to origins in a re-tuning of foundations, to an ever-wider harmonizing of systems and beings. Rather than a reaching for a transcendence from the tragedy of death and entropy that always accompanies change and difference, into a ready-made unity that so often becomes a repression of the emergent or an apathetic or power-hungry complicity with the reigning order, we can face change with an evolving knowledge that sees entropy and uncertainty not as the limits of knowledge, but the challenge of power, and a game between the powers of dynamic coherence, between a power that grows through an explosive discharge of difference into its prefigured unity, and the implosive power that consumes in order to transform, connect and complete cycles and currents carrying all nearer to a motion free from waste, want and the hunger that is death.

There are limits to knowledge, prediction, and sustainability, as long as our coherence is an island in a sea of chaos.  Eventually that chaos beats down the walls of order and all returns to the sea of potentiality.  But the heart of wisdom is in the tempering of that chaos of potential, the seemingly random stream of information packed so densely it cannot be reduced to any schema or broken down and extracted by the forces of entropy.  And ultimately all paths do converge, for any purely catabolic path must eventually give way to divine compassion, as a being whose embrace straddles every conflict so widely, so intricately, that no tempering is needed, as all contrary motion finds its meaning in the light of the infinite.  The being or society that wants to walk that path, to find and form the patterns that cannot be broken, to live a life dense with the richness of worlds within worlds must harmonize with those worlds.  The more we do, the more we cease to be finite beings struggling against time and fate, desperately defending or aggressively seeking some small measure of relative coherence, and the more we become aspects of Being resonating with ever-greater symbols and songs of an endlessly improvising creative cosmos.

Between the traps of a techno-based pseudo-transcendence and the resignation to the limited horizons of life’s endless cycles, the call of what is called in the scientific underground, a “higher density” existence—where through knowledge our very cosmic context can change and approach a wider more harmonically-inclusive coherence—beckons us to stand on our own for the first time as beings of knowledge, bliss, and power—to rise from our role as rats in the cosmic maze to become architects of our world and co-creators of cosmic destiny.