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parapsychology and psychic liberation

Mishlove seems like such a nice guy. And I full-heartedly agree with the sentiment here. Yet the obstacles to a psychic liberation are much more serious than he seems to be aware of. Parapsychology is a losing paradigm because it sets itself up already within the confines of a game that is controlled pretty tightly at high levels of military intelligence. Psychic activity framed as parapsychology is probably doomed to be a fringe phenomenon because it explores merely the exceptions within a model of reality that rules the phenomenon out a priori, or completely misunderstands the mechanisms and factors involved—relegating it to something extraordinary if it even considers it at all, when in fact, psychic phenomenon are fundamental. Parapsychology is just the husk of a science of the soul after several eras of narrowing philosophy increasingly into marginal and disjointed subfields like “psychology” itself.

Skeptics are the least of parapsychology’s problems. The real problem is that the whole phenomenon is tied up with so many other misconceptions in physics, cosmology, and history that to really understand it takes one into a completely different worldview that few in the scientific community are ready to consider. It then becomes easy to discount even legitimate evidence, but more importantly, the real powerful effects can be prevented in the first place because few understand or even suspect the occult repression and institutional management of psychic power that is being done by those groups competing for control of this planet. Which may sound paranoid or grandiose, but the evidence is overwhelming, even if you just broaden the scope of the recent parapsychological evidence to include the context its advocates themselves ignore in their quest for legitimacy. It is up to us to conceive the bigger picture and adjust our worldview before anything too alien and traumatizing is announced and admitted as fact.