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Zodiacal Releasing Method

The following was contributed by Antonio Grub; it explains his unique method for using the ZR astrological technique to understand the fortune of anyone’s life:

I want to share observations I have made after reading hundreds of charts with ZR.

1)When looking at any given point in a person’s life, don’t just release from Spirit, release from Fortune as well while keeping Spirit in its natal position; I call an angular relation resulting from the latter a reverse peak period (Donald Trump’s released Fortune was angular to natal Spirit when he was elected, and in a good place no less), and once you have released from both lots, you ought to release from Fortune and Spirit at the same time and see what relation they make: if they are angular, that works like a third sort of peak period. BEFORE CONCLUDING IT DIDN’T WORK IN SOMEONE’S LIFE AT ALL, CHECK FOR EVERY POSSIBLE ANGULAR RELATION BETWEEN SPIRIT AND FORTUNE.

2)The 12 places matter in and of themselves—so even if someone is not undergoing a peak, if they have one or both lots in good places, that means they are more fortunate and aligned with the world and might have the successes we tend to expect during peaks.

Conversely, someone who is undergoing a peak period might be quite unhappy because the lots involved are, say, in the 6th and 12th… or the released positions of both lots are bad… or they were born with both lots in bad places which means they will always sort of struggle, but especially so if released lots find themselves in bad places as well.

3)Not all cadent places are bad—just 6 and 12. But if you currently have released Fortune or Spirit in either of them, it’s not bad as long as the other is in a decent place. The 9th is very good actually, and the 3rd isn’t too bad either. But the 8th is not good and will be harmful if the other lot is currently or natally in 6 or 12. The rest of the lots are good, particularly 1, 10, 7, 11, 5, and 9. Let me state that 7 is better than the rank it was accorded, and it rivals 1 and 10. But if you were born with both lots in bad places, you will sense things have improved with one or both released lots in more favorable positions. It is when the person with bad natal lot placements has both released lots go into bad places, as they had for Bourdain, that things get truly ugly—no one should ever wish for the four natal and released positions to comprise 6, 8, and 12. Of course the birth chart has a ton of influence as well, as it did for Cobain, Bourdain, Brittany Murphy, Robin Williams, etc. Ditto for transits, I’d imagine (for I’ve researched transits less).

4)Peak periods really aren’t everything, but they occur a lot more frequently than we realize, once we find the alternative peaks mentioned above.

5)The strongest peak periods are those that are double or triple peak periods (a blend of peaks of the classical definition and the alternative definitions I provide above), and which occur on the non-derived angles or simply in other good places; one example would be George W. Bush’s ZR when he was elected—all three types of peak period were occurring, on the non-derived angles. How else to explain such a person becoming president of the US than to point out that he was wholly aligned with 1, 10, 7, and 4—a super rare occurrence.

6) The bad lots are interesting, and they can grant special abilities of the night-time world; I for one have enjoyed my Spirit being in the 12th during my peak of the last 15 years. I am fortunate, however, that my released Fortune has been solidly positioned in 4, rather than in a bad place (my natal Fortune is in 3, by the way). Indeed the cadent places are good for the arts—I’ve been very prolific and possessed, and I have seen such things happen for others. That said, I can’t wait to be better aligned with the day-light world and be released from 12, though I know I will miss it somewhat.

AMY WINEHOUSE. On 25th April 2010 Amy Winehouse’s released Lot of Fortune Moved into the 12th Place. On 20 April 2011 her released Lot of Spirit moved into the 6th Place. On 23 July 2011 she was found dead.

On 13 September 1930, Adolf Hitler’s released Lot of Spirit moved from the 6th to the 7th Place (marking an L1 peak period), coinciding exactly with Hitler’s rise to power. “Federal elections were held in Germany on 14 September 1930. Despite losing ten seats, the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) remained the largest party in the Reichstag, winning 143 of the 57 seats, while the Nazi Party (NSDAP) dramatically increased its number of seats from 12 to 107.” Just three years later he would be Chancellor of Germany, and in 1934 he would be Fuhrer. Like Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, Buddy Holly, and Jim Morrison… Hitler died shortly before one of the lots was due to change places: indeed on 26 June 1945, Spirit would have moved to the 8th Place. And on the day Hitler committed suicide—April 30, 1945—Hitler’s Lot of Fortune was in the 12th Place, where it had been since 1932.

The English writer Evelyn Waugh started to go mad around 1953 but was a few years later restored to health. According to his chart, the worst period of his life would have occurred when released lots of Spirit and Fortune opposed each other in places 12 and 6, between the years 1946
and 1957.

JAMES DEAN died on Sept. 30, 1955 speeding in his Porsche. On that exact day his lot of Spirit (L1) had released from the 4th Place to the 5th Place, having been in the 4th for the first nearly 25 years of life. Note that Mars is in the 5th. [Using Placidus, Dean had Uranus (ruler of 12th house) exactly conjunct Ascendant, and it made a square to Pluto/Jupiter (rulers of the 8th and 9th houses) and another square to Saturn (ruler of 10th house). He had Neptune in the 6th house as ruler of no house (due to interception). His Mercury (ruler of 3rd house, short journeys) opposed Mars (ruler of 1, the body). His chart has a AA Rodden rating.]

Nietzsche was born with Lot of Spirit in 12 and Lot of Fortune in 3. As we all know he went completely mad in 1889 during his second peak period, which began in 1879 (the most productive period of his life, indeed 1879 was the very year he resigned his university post and became an independent philosopher). It was at this time that released Spirit shared the 3rd Place with natal Fortune, both of which made an angle to natal Spirit in 12th, thereby reactivating the 3/12 peak period that occurred during the first nearly 8 years of his life. His released Lot of Fortune occupied the 4th Place at the time of his death, shortly thereafter moving into the 5th. This chart is a good demonstration of why we have to be easy on ourselves during peak periods that activate bad places. Nietzsche is a fine example of a person whose creative powers were heightened due to having two cadent natal lot placements, one of which being the worst (12).

IMPRISONMENT – 12TH AND 6TH PLACES. The American poet Ezra Pound spent the majority of his more than 12-year incarceration in St. Elizabeths psychiatric facility with his Fortune in the 12th Place and his Spirit in the 6th Place. Pound’s Lot of Fortune was released from the 11th into the 12th Place on Jan. 5, 1942. His father died a month later. He was now financially destitute, and in 1943 was evicted from his home where he lived with his family. He had already been broadcasting antisemetic and anti-American propaganda on Italian radio (he lived in Italy), but now the pressure was on to make ends meet. That same year he was indicted in absentia for treason. In 1945 Mussolini fell. ‘On 24 May [Pound] was transferred to the United States Army Disciplinary Training Center north of Pisa, where he was placed in one of the camp’s “death cells”, a series of six-by-six-foot outdoor steel cages lit up at night by floodlights; engineers reinforced his cage with heavier steel for fear the fascists would try to break him out.’

Pound was then transferred to the US, tried for treason, found to be insane, and incarcerated in St. Elizabeths psychiatric hospital in Washington, D.C. On 29 Nov. 1948 Pound’s released Spirit slid into the 6th Place. This was five months after he controversially won the Bollingen Prize (for his Pisan Cantos which he had begun writing on toilet paper in the steel cage). He would leave St. Elizabeths in 1958 with his released Lot of Fortune in the 1st Place.

I wonder if some of you know the renowned French philosopher Louis Althusser, also famous for strangling his wife (the sociologist Hélène Rytmann) on 16 Nov. 1980 (somewhat uncharacteristic for a philosopher). He was born with Lot of Spirit in the 5th Place, Fortune in the 8th. Soon after Althusser’s released Spirit entered the 6th Place in 1948, he would begin to require for the rest of his life ceaseless medical supervision, and “the most aggressive treatments post-war French psychiatry had to offer”, among which: electroconvulsive therapy, narcoanalysis, and psychoanalysis. Yet it was during the period when released Spirit inhabited the 8th place (this was also a peak period) that he killed his wife. He was declared unfit to stand trial, and was committed to a psychiatric hospital for three years. At the time of the incident, his released Fortune was in the 11th place, which is angular to his natal Fortune and released Spirit. His 8th Place was super activated.

On May 28, 1998 hilarious comedian Phil Hartman was shot to death by his spouse as he slept. His released Spirit was currently in the 6th Place, his released Fortune in the 12th Place.

Albert Camus’ released Spirit had been in the 6th Place since 1940, but released Fortune appeared in the 12th Place on 15 March 1958. On January 4, 1960 Camus died in a car accident.

THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED. The exceptionally young 17-year-old Ritchie Valens (left) perished in a plane crash along with the Big Bopper and Buddy Holly on 3 Feb. 1959. At the time of death, Valens’s Fortune and Spirit were still in their natal 6th and 8th places (two of the three worst places). The Big Bopper, also aboard the plane, was 28 years old. The Bopper was born with Fortune in the 12th place (worst), and died during a peak with released Spirit in 3rd activating natal Fortune in the 12th. The released Fortune had just moved out of the 1st Place (best) into the 2nd about seven months prior. As for Buddy Holly (right), he was only 22 years old. On 10 May 1959 (three months after his early death) Holly’s Lots of Fortune and Spirit would shift simultaneously into the 12th and 6th places (two of the three worst). I’m a bit surprised that death would occur just before the terrible shift….

Hank Williams was just 29 when he died on 1 Jan. 1953. He was born with Lot of Fortune in the 10th and Lot of Spirit in the 4th. On 18 May, 1946 his released Fortune and Spirit moved into the 12th and 6th Places, where they remained until his death.

Billie Holiday, who died in 1959. Released Lot of Fortune went into the 6th place in 1957, and released Lot of Spirit had been in the 12th place since 1941 (peak period, coinciding exactly with her first commercial success). I’m telling you, we see it again and again. When 6 and 12 are both activated, it’s a bad time.

I am fairly certain Johnny Depp will never make a comeback, ever. I won’t get into details, but his life is a total wreck. He was born with Lot of Fortune in the 8th place and Lot of Spirit in the 6th place, which isn’t great. In Aug. 2019 his released Spirit moved to the 8th Place, while in Aug. 2017, released Fortune moved to the 12th Place. This is basically what happened to Bourdain. The three worst places are activating each other.

SHARON TATE was just 26 at the time of her horrific fate. Tate’s natal Spirit is in the 6th Place and Fortune is in the 8th Place (two of the three worst places). At her murder, L1 Fortune was still in its natal 8th position; Spirit meanwhile had moved into the 7th when she was 11 years old.

Anthony Bourdain was born with Spirit and Eros in 6th, his Fortune in 8th (his is a day chart; Mars is present here). When he died, Spirit and Eros were in the 8th, while Fortune was in the 12th. This together means that released Fortune stood opposite his natal Spirit and Eros. And it means his released Spirit and Eros were in the place of his natal Fortune. The only places involved were 6, 8, and 12—all bad. Incidentally, he was in a peak period. [L1 analysis only]

Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain, both dead at 27. Not only that… both were in L1 peak periods and perished just before one of their released lots shifted. In Morrison’s case, he died July 3, 1971, eleven days before released Spirit moved from 9 into 10, which would have ended his peak period. In Cobain’s case, he perished April 5, 1994, just five months before released Fortune (L1) moved from the 10th into the 11th place. I do think it’s significant (Hellenistic astrology aside) that both had malefics on the Descendant, Cobain with Saturn and Morrison with Pluto. Actually, Cobain also had Uranus (ruler of Placidus 6th House) in 12, right above his AC. I think it is interesting that Cobain never knew what it was like NOT to be in a peak period. I find it interesting that Jim Morrison’s natal LoF and LoS were both in “bad” places (like Bourdain’s). Cobain, too, had natal LoS in the “bad” place of 6 and it never moved his entire life, at least with respect to L1.

Actor Robin Williams took his own life on Aug. 11, 2014. In 8 days his released Lot of Fortune was due to move into the 11th Place, which would have (according to my hypothesis) activated his natal Fortune in the 8th Place. Robin Williams was born with lots of Fortune and Spirit in two of the worst places, 8 and 6. We have also seen these natal lot placements in the charts of Anthony Bourdain, Ritchie Valens, Jim Morrison, Sharon Tate, and Johnny Depp.

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes was first arrested in March of 2012. Actually, though, it wasn’t until November 2012 that her released Lot of Fortune moved into the 12th Place, where it has remained and will remain until Oct. 2020. Since Fortune’s displacement to the 12th, Bynes has mesmerized millennials with bizarre and terrifying behavior.

Roseanne Barr, star of Roseanne, announced in 2015 that she expects to go blind from macular degeneration. Her released Lot of Fortune is currently in the 12th Place and will remain there until 2033. Her natal lot placements are not great: Spirit in the 6th and Fortune in the 8th.

The chart of Jane Roberts is immediately striking. The poet-become-spiritual medium underwent a dramatic change in September 1963 when ‘”Between one normal minute and the next, a fantastic avalanche of radical, new ideas burst into my head with tremendous force … It was as if
the physical world were really tissue-paper-thin, hiding infinite dimensions of reality, and I was flung through the tissue paper with a huge ripping sound.” When she “came to,” Roberts found herself scrawling the title of this odd batch of notes: The Physical Universe as Idea Construction.’

It is notable that Roberts was toward the end of her first and only L1 peak period, which occurred with released Spirit and natal Fortune coexisting in the 1st Place. Her natal Lot of Spirit, however, is and was in 12th, which I think might have predisposed her to channeling capability. In theory, a peak period in which Fortune and Spirit share the “best” possible place ought to be in itself meaningful, but with released Spirit occupying such an auspicious place, those 12th Place abilities were able to find an expression that was aligned with the World, i.e. the public. The non-derived angles of the chart, particularly 1, 10, and 7, are favorable in themselves, indicating where the lots must be in order for the native to more easily harmonize with the Daylight World. Combine such places with a peak period, and some form of success is nearly certain (this is my hypothesis, at least). Roberts’s natal Spirit resides in the “worst” place, the most inimical to the Daylight World and public life.

When released spirit, however, found its way into the 1st, she was able to make what was but formerly shrouded in darkness APPEAR to the World. She, as it were, manifested the knowledge of the astral plane, which according to my hypothesis is transmitted to the mind (Spirit) via the portal which is the 12th place.

Wendell Berry. His career began and immediately took off when released Spirit (L1) moved from the 12th place to the 1st place, in 1957; it was that year he completed his M.A. and married. He would soon publish his first two novels. He resigned from his university post when released Spirit moved out of the 1st Place and into the 2nd. On May 5, 2020, his released Lot of Spirit will move from the 3rd to 4th Place, while his Lot of Fortune will move from the 6th to 7th Place.

Released Lot of Fortune of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze moved to the 6th Place in 1966, while released Lot of Spirit had already moved to the 12th Place in 1963. When he committed suicide in 1995, Fortune had been occupying the 8th Place since 1989; released Spirit at that time was in the 2nd. “Deleuze… developed tuberculosis in 1968 and underwent a thoracoplasty (lung removal). He suffered increasingly severe respiratory symptoms for the rest of his life. In the last years of his life, simple tasks such as writing required laborious effort. On 4 November 1995, he committed suicide, throwing himself from the window of his apartment.”

The Australian zookeeper and TV host Steve Irwin died 4 September 2006 after his heart was pierced by the tail of a stingray. He bled to death. Irwin’s natal Lot of Fortune occupies the 6th Place. At the time of death, though, released Fortune occupied the 8th, having just moved there on 30 June 2006.

By 1940 William S. Burroughs’s lots of Spirit and Fortune were situated along the 6-12 axis: Fortune in 6th Place and Spirit in 12th. He was soon to become an addict. Around 1950, due to legal problems Burroughs and wife, Joan Vollmer, fled to Mexico. A depraved wastrel, Burroughs asked Vollmer to take part in a “William Tell” act: a highball glass upon Vollmer’s head and pistol in Burroughs’s hand, swiftly resulting in Vollmer’s death. Having murdered his wife, Burroughs found himself in jail, only to bribe Mexican lawyers, eventually getting him off the hook. On 14 June 1958, Burroughs’s luck changed, with Fortune entering the 7th Place: the first excerpts of a new novel, Naked Lunch, were published, with the help of friend Allen Ginsberg. From the time Spirit entered 1st Place in 1968, Burroughs would be a prominent literary figure.

Let us stay tuned.