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Viral Fear

There is never GOOD reason to be afraid. Yes, there are many reasons for fear. And it is GOOD to be AWARE of those reasons. But the whole point of REASON is to transform fear into AWARENESS.

Fear serves a purpose in animals: the awareness of change, of possible danger. “Viruses”, likewise, as chemical messengers of stress, serve a purpose for the animal. They are, like everything else, signs. As REASON emerges in the animal, it can become aware of signs as signs and no longer be subject to the world of objects.

It is the point of psychoanalysis, as Freud put it, to change the “it” into the “I”. It is the point of all yoga, all practical theory, to transform from the paranoid consciousness, ruled as it is by the threat of “bad” objects, into the creative consciousness, free to break the chain of contagious fears and the desires that spring from them, and spread the cure for all suffering, AWARENESS— that is: consciousness freed from SUBJECTion to OBJECTS and capable of self-determination in the light of the harmony of the GOOD, in the light of an awareness of the world as signs, capable of redefinition.