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The trap of “cause” and the origins of corona

As I have said before, there is no single agenda or end game. Believing that there is one disease or one cause is how they get you. The liberal mainstream says “it is a natural virus that we need more technocracy to fix and prevent”. The conservative might say “a virus caused by dirty Chinese, we are pure”. Conspiracy people might say “it was engineered”, or “it is caused by 5G”. And so on we argue…so much so that any person without ideological commitments doesn’t know who to believe. Which only benefits the loudest voice, the narrative pushed by the most powerful.

But disease is always complex and multifactorial. All the more so with a world wide “epidemic”. There are certainly many agendas going on, and I could imagine what some of them are, from the political to the metaphysical and extraterrestrial.

But what is important is that people realize that we live in a universe of profound meaning and purpose.Just because there isn’t one meaning or purpose, doesn’t mean life is random and pointless. Atheists often cite the phenomenon of grotesque childhood illnesses and other seemingly unjust examples of disease and suffering in the world to prove that life’s meaning is a cruel and pointless series of more or less unfortunate events. In such a world people believe a virus can kill them for no reason but blind biological mechanism. Those clinging to old beliefs cling to some kind of single purpose, even if it is some evil conspiracy. At least that makes them feel there is meaning–a cosmic battle going on or something.

There may indeed be a cosmic battle going on, and if so, it certainly looks as if we are at an important stage of it right now. But that war is always being waged over each and every one of our souls, to see if we will just fall into doubt or belief, fear or desire, or if we will rise through anxiety at not knowing, into the bliss of knowing there is no end or certainty, only creative improvisations on the themes of existence. Nothing is caused because no thing exists by itself, so nothing really ever begins, and certainly nothing really ever ends, because the end is always already here and we can be free to follow any end through to a new kind of beginning.