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Drugs vs. Alchemy: Trying Oil of Gold

I recently was given some Oil of Gold, a product from Kymia Arts and the effect were profound. This was my feedback to my alchemist friend who let me try it:

The effect was much the same as an activation to the head center from the energy of a master.  About the same time window of effect too. The gold was clearly focused on the pineal, without any kind of nerve stimulation or accelerated metabolism or imbalanced thyroid hormone production, which I get from any psychedelic drug. 

I tend to shy away from strong chemicals.  Gentle tonic herbs and medicinal (not psychedelic) mushrooms seem to work for me because there is no strong chemicals like even some adaptogenic herbs have.  From my perspective, strong chemicals use force, and work linearly, and so usually disrupt any potential of cooperative influence.  I would say the soul of a substance is in the relations and coherence of its parts–a coherence that can be used to shore up the ailing coordination in the relations in the organism that consumes it.  Lions Mane and Agarikon mushrooms are particularly helpful for me.  They have much wisdom to teach my body, that is, their complex chemical relationships, developed over aeons dealing with many of the same illnesses as us, inform the rhythms of my own body to alter stress patterns like exosomal expression (so-called viral illness, which I tend to struggle with).  

Food-wise I do better with animals than with most plants.  They have already broken down and refined a lot of the energy that I have trouble extracting from plants.  The downside is, as with anything, the more you let another substance or organism aid in your energy metabolism, the more of it you become. But that’s life.  We help each other out.  The trick is to use each other and the coherence others help us attain to learn an ever more broadly integrated and fractally individuated coherence. 

My test for any substance is how well it helps me meditate.  Drugs can have a fun energy, but much like with women, the best souls don’t throw you off balance with excitement, but help you find your weak points and overcome them.  Strong chemicals are like a woman with one element dominating.  They can match your own imbalances, and create a precarious collective balance, but the result is usually dependence.  Psychedelics may illuminate an imbalance but they cannot build the fine circuitry between cells and don’t lend well to that kind of meditative work. They more often force energy through pathways that haven’t been built yet.  People may have an illuminating experience, but they may overload the pathways and create leaky membranes.  A semiconductive network has to be built and psychedelics tend to just make people simply more conductive and potentially electrosensitive because they can’t relay the voltage gradients properly into the mitochondria.  Energy just gates wildly without the semiconductive processing that happens with proper membrane and water network structure.  Even microdosing can do this; though the current is weaker, it still lends more to altering energy metabolism towards higher frequencies, rather than helping people build a harmonic inclusiveness that expands into the higher range naturally.

These alchemical substances are much more sophisticated it seems.  They are clearly meant for long term work, not just the mixed bag of peak experiences as drugs induce.  But drugs can be helpful in emergencies.  Some people need a traumatic relationship to show them the problem.  I will stick to healthy relationships and alchemy.  The bonds are more sustainable because they are not based on the precarious attraction of imbalanced chemicals, but with a balanced foot in the chemical/elemental realm, they build their bonds in the reciprocal space, what Dewey Larson called, the cosmic sector: the faster than light structures that result from temporal density.