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Racism vs. Prejudice

So, I will admit, I am an occultist. I believe culture is not just learned but tied to biological factors. Everything that has happened to our ancestors is with us at the cellular and etheric level. Anyone with unimpaired mental capacity can adopt or learn a cultural value, but I believe someone whose ancestors had certain traits and capacities will more likely have those same qualities. And I believe some values and ideas are better than others. So do the math, haha.

What should really be critiqued isn’t “racism”–a demonizing term made at ethnocentrism, which is pretty close to a universal stage of psychological development–but prejudice, which is what so many people are doing on so many levels: assuming that someone will be and act just like people they resemble, both in look or thought. If we stick to our prejudice, we don’t have to do the work of seeing whether someone is actually like the generic stereotype we make of them at first glance. We are all going to stereotype, especially in a potentially dangerous situation. We shouldn’t demonize this, but encourage the process of refining generalizations into appreciation for each person’s unique qualities.