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Thought and Light

As Steiner says, “The universe seen from within is light. Seen from without, it is thought”. In Aurobindo’s terms, the absolute Self (interiority) of Sat-Chit-Ananda, the existence-consciousness-bliss of divine light, pours forth the creative-truth as a supramental force. This “plane of immanence” as Deleuze calls it, he says is an “absolute outside” of pre-individual singularities.

Aurobindo also characterizes it as containing demarcations of different beings as pure expressions of the divine, yet prior to any separation into separate selves, which happens as the supermind limits itself through the principle of mind, thus creating separate beings with their own interiority. Buddhism focuses on the lack of foundation for these separate subjects (and objects), the emptiness of identity, and the lack of support for difference in the absolute of unity. Deleuze and Aurobindo emphasize the “source” of difference in the creative involution descending from the plane of immanent divine, and in the subsequent evolution of the universe. I put “source” in scare quotes because univocity is not a unity that is prior to difference, because difference is “internal” to being, or as Deleuze suggests, difference IS being.