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Viruses and Masks

Viruses don’t cause illness; they are a marker and a functional and adaptive pathway for dealing with stress and toxicity. “Cases” are just a positive PCR test, which mean little more than someone has a slightly elevated level of a relatively generic protein fragment we have decided to blame for certain changes in illness patterns, for various historical and institutional reasons.The illness patterns in our species are changing indeed, and often by way of viruses, but those viruses and the symptoms associated with them are adaptation mechanisms.

What most people call covid symptoms are a bodily response to hypoxia, which has been developing in populations and manifesting in myriad ways for a long time as certain chemical and electrical stressors have made red blood cell and all cellular mitochondrial function less optimal.Arthur Firstenberg’s book “Invisible Rainbow” is a tome of evidence for electrical and communication technology’s role in most chronic diseases through this effect.

But there are other chemical and psycho-social factors as well. The acute events happen when new strategies for dealing with these problems start being passed around, which can indeed trigger healing crises (acute “infectious” symptoms) in the troubled systems, as the body attempts to implement the changes.The volume and frequency of exosomal exposure does play a role in whether a person will shift over towards the expression of symptoms correlated with that exosome(virus). So masks do reduce the volume and lessen the chances of that expression. But that expression isn’t a bad thing in itself, however much it may be a sign of trouble. Human beings have a hard time distinguishing between a sign and what it represents, because that is the whole function of reason and reason is most difficult when we see bad signs.

Disease symptoms are not the cause of disease; they are the body dealing with stress and toxicity. Sometimes disease symptoms can be a source of stress for people and good medicine tries to support and nourish the body’s processes as to avoid extreme symptoms. But prolonged mask use causes deeper and more lasting problems, and ironic ones since it is hypoxia which is the main symptom of what they are calling covid, and masks cause that very thing, among other ill physical, psychological and social processes.In any case the whole “case” counting paradigm isn’t about counting ill people, but people with positive PCR tests. As Kerry Mullis, the guy that got the Nobel prize for inventing the damn thing used to always say when he was trying to argue against the HIV hypothesis, PCR doesn’t test the presence or absence of a virus, because there is probably few particles out there that you don’t have at least one copy of. And as Dr. Zach Bush keeps pointing out, these things are moving with air currents all over the planet. Masks aren’t stopping the spread of the virus. It is everywhere and probably has been for years if not decades or more. They are making people sicker.

Lockdowns and masks and the whole pandemic paradigm are causing a lot of increased death and illness. I was already fighting the 5G roll out before all of this started. I even warned the city council a couple years ago that we would see a new health crises emerge as these things get rolled out. But wireless technology is just the most rapidly expanding toxin in an already toxic civilization. People are going to keep getting sick and dying in ever increasing numbers because nobody listens to the thoughtful people, just the authorities that get to that position precisely by doing as little thinking as possible. Here is Mullis on Fauce and the structure of institutional science, from back when he was interviewed for the Deconstructing AIDS documentary: