QAnon and the most crazy fringes of conspiracy culture and Trump’s base are being used to discredit the most important resistance movement in the history of this planet. It is most important because the biological commons of the planet is becoming completely enclosed as we speak. Important radical and liberal voices in this struggle like Vandana Shiva and RKF Jr. (still fighting his father and uncle’s fight), are getting silenced and repressed by associating them with “conspiracy theory” which congress is poised to make the new enemy as “domestic terror”.

Q is a straw man and a huge distraction being used by both sides both to politicize dissent along factional lines, and deflect and smear all resistance to the dominant technocratic form of globalization, which is taking place rapidly under the left’s nose and even with the blessings of formally radical leftists, whenever the specter of fascism is dangled by the other hand. This has pushed all spiritual resistance to what is mostly by necessity the political right where it has certain resonances and affinities with the last real challenger to the capitalist establishment’s empire: fascism (communism was never a real threat). But fascism is always a shadow reaction to the repressive dominance of a certain regime within the global State structure.

When it comes to fascism, the past is instructive, but the libidinal forces at work are easily obfuscated by facile conflations of fascism with totalitarianism. Deleuze and Guattari illuminate the deeper structure of state-capitalism that we have been dancing around and repressing with the facade of liberal democracy. They see Fascism and Totalitarianism as opposing poles inherent to the semiotics of Capitalism. Fascism thrives when revolutions have no path to reform other than turning to rebellious factions of the state, usually the military. Given how this went before, it is understandable for us to want to avoid this at all costs, but this focus on the most extreme aspects of conservative populism as an excuse for repression only ensures that things will get worse.

Aggressive nationalism, fascism—these things are not ways forward, and if pushed to extremes will indeed be dangerous. But some of the most dangerous aspects of Nazism have already long been incorporated into the West’s ideology and State apparatus, and are only now becoming visible. The more obvious and backwards racial aspects of Nazism are a fringe phenomenon now which are not in any danger of coming to power again. But the same crude and reductive biomedical management of our species is already in power and with a majority giving consent and even celebration. What is already being seriously discussed by voices across the now univocal and narrow political spectrum is turning everyone not super into being required to inject corporate biotechnology into their cells, into the new terrorists to be managed in ways that are not difficult to imagine being comparable to the horrors of racial fascism.