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Banking and Nationalism

The establishment needs us arguing about race and demonizing each other. The current system needs us afraid of each other and nature and reliant on their products and their money because as long as we are doing that we are not challenging their system built on guilt and a debt that can never be repaid. They fear independent community of all sorts, especially nationalism, whether it is right or left, because it could disrupt the debt-based financial system through which all communities are enslaved.

One neglected reason the Nazis are especially demonized is that no one wants us to figure out their economic miracle, the same strategy the U.S. used in its darkest hours: public credit-based banking. As Ellen Brown points out in her book “Web of Debt”, this war between private-debt and public-credit based banking is at the heart of so many of the political struggles we see. No large economy can be allowed to escape the private-debt system, because if they do, as Marx well knew, they will quickly out-compete the debt-based system. The rate of profit always falls if they don’t keep a tight lid on competition. And right now, knowing they can’t sustain industrial capitalism any longer, they need to consolidate a global neo-feudal state system before independent economies start breaking free and the technologies they have been repressing emerge and crash the whole thing.

And though Nationalism is not a solution to our global problems, any amount of independence on any scale—whether that means public-credit banks at the local or regional levels, or a political fight that can nationalize the FED and empower loyalists to the nation-state to free our enslavement to private banking interests—is something right and left populists should work together on. Unfortunately, the left seems more interested in defeating right-populism than fighting the establishment.