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Anti-capitalism vs. Anti-globalism

What does anti-capitalism even mean? Not much since capitalism is just a vague term that covers every possible permutation of our society at this point.

To the socialist left, it often means empowering the state for anything perceived to be for the good of the whole. they are getting trapped in totalitarianism because they tend to think anything resembling social welfare is somewhere along the path to some vague anti-capitalist future, but that is true only if you consider a techno-feudal state “post-capitalist”, which it is not, not in any positive sense, clearly.

The right got pulled into libertarianism for a while, but they mostly realized that Tea Party style anarcho-capitalism is just a recipe for globalism, so Trump was their waking up to a more self-conscious politics, embracing that their founding-fathers fetish of early american capitalism was very much an economic nationalism and an anti-globalism.

The real fight these days is over globalist technocracy, and maybe always has been. and all this anti-capitalist talk just confuses people. Anti-technocracy is a much better label that subverts this false left/right divide over the meaning of “capitalism” or “socialism”. People fighting for small business and freedom from technocratic rule right now are called “rightwing”, because everyone still thinks this is about capitalism/socialism, when these are precisely the issues where the empire is being challenged.