The iconoclastic intellectual Jason Jorjani is trying to start a philosophical/ political movement called Prometheanism, with himself as the leader, presumably embodying his stated gods: Prometheus and his Christian analog “the devil”. Prometheus is an interesting character, astrologically embodied by Uranus and symbolized by Aquarius. Definitely a good rallying sign for a brighter future, but Jorjani is wholly melodramatic in his framing and so misses the dark side of the 11th principle (11th House/Aquarius), and the problems of unbridled futurism.

Also, Satan isn’t even a coherent character in the bible. Laurence Gardner argues in his work that he was entirely a creation of crazy preachers and Medieval opportunists trying to paste together different antagonists in the bible. Satan was a generic term in the older Hebrew texts. “Lucifer” was little more than a translation mistake, and the snake in the garden has a whole different history. Rudolf Steiner had a good idea making Ahriman the real antagonist of mankind, pulling him away from the light of knowledge symbolized by “Lucifer”/Prometheus, though Steiner advocated that individuation only came through integrating both, since affirming Lucifer on his own symbolizes an unbalanced movement away from the material process of evolution and individuation.

Steiner does a fairly good job being true to his early respect for Nietzschean style critique of repressive Christian bullshit, without becoming another repressive political manipulation pitting one God/culture against another. True to the Nietzchean spirit, he doesn’t fall into the ressentiment of melodramatic framing so common with those trying to get followers, gain political power, annihilate their competition. Transcendent ideals with melodramatic conflict structures pitting one symbol against the other are what need to be outgrown. The good is always a middle path between two extremes (Lucifer and Ahriman), not a side against some pure evil. If someone is just going to reverse the Christian repression of the devil into its opposite, it is just adolescent satanism, which we all know is for teenagers that haven’t transcended their Christian upbringing yet and are just trying to shock people.