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Joy and the Jab: Meaning and Death

True joy is a by-product of faith in the inescapable meaning and value of life, which includes facing the seemingly darker aspects of existence that give us a way to learn and grow, as well as including the value in existence as it is and as we are. With this attitude comes the knowledge that no one dies without reason, without meaning deeper than any cause–not from a mere random encounter with a tiny particle, nor from a shot they choose to get because they believe they should.

Nothing that happens does so for any one isolated reason or cause, for meaning depends on an open and continuous system of meaning. Tragedies are always a part of a greater joyful drama when seen in long shot. The drama on our planet right now is playing out a game with roots and consequences far away from our view. No one can see all the connections for even the most simple decision, but we can know its character, know the kinds of connections each decision makes that determine its trajectory.

I am glad that most people that get the shot feel okay. My concern with the shots is not that I think they will immediately kill someone any more than taking any other of the countless dangerous drugs on the market, though I think a single dose of this gene therapy is itself a kind of ongoing prosthetic similar to the dangers of long term drug use (with no doubt boosters coming that make this more explicit).

Some people will die or be harmed in subtle or not so subtle ways, but only as part of a larger pattern they were already on, and most will be okay for the time being. It is just one more toxin, in a toxic world, but one that is being mandated–setting up a world where the diversity of life is going to get squeezed down into a closed-system-engineering model.

I don’t care if someone eats non-organic food. A little roundup isn’t going to kill them. But it might be part of the tipping point in a cascade building towards chronic illness and death from a lifetime of certain patterns that could have been avoided, could have played out differently, if they made different decisions.

But hey that’s their decision to make. But now we are seeing a merging of BIG AG and PHARMA that will make this planet quite a different kind of dramatic stage than one I would want to be a part of. I think other people would choose differently as well if they thought a little deeper about the long game.