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Covid numbers

People will be interpreting and debating covid numbers for the foreseeable future. In some places (in more conservative places especially) the unvaccinated are poorer and of generally worse health, in other places, (like my community) the unvaccinated are the most health conscious people around. The “unvaccinated” are sometimes the “not fully vaccinated”, which are often people that had bad reactions and decided to stop.

Hell, most of the unvaccinated everywhere have had vaccines at some point and many of them are not taking these so-called vaccines because they have prior health problems, whether or not they are “anti-vax” and blame those health problems on vaccines.I think it is significant that the most heavily vaccinated countries like Israel and Britain, are having some of the worst problems.

But what does any of this mean? An “infection” is usually just a positive PCR test, which detects certain generic proteins that are more likely to come back positive in people that are in poor health or having any immune reaction to anything, since in them there is more cellular debris; (everyone will test positive with a small increase in PCR amplification). Antibody production kicks in after cells stop producing a virus. They are there to down regulate a cellular adaptation strategy that has already finished its process. It makes little sense to think of them as being responsible for healing if they don’t kick in until the virus is gone.

This is part of why there is no “strong” immune system. In fact a “strong” immune system is not a good thing if that is supposed to mean something that goes into attack mode indiscriminately. People that get sick, no matter what the disease, do so because they are having trouble adapting. An intelligent immune system is not one that has “all the data” which is an obvious reflection of our current cultural bias towards autistic intellects, but one that knows how to interpret every new piece of material it finds without flying into attack mode. However no one is perfectly adapted, so we all must at some point have an “immune reaction” in order to adapt to a changing environment.

Repressing that adaptation or tricking the body into thinking it already has completed it, is bad news.Forcing antibody production will make that particular protein less likely and can also possibly prevent certain acute inflammatory conditions for the short term. But mrna vaccines, much more so even then normal vaccines, seems to cause other more serious conditions which will only become more apparent as time goes on.

But all that is obfuscated by the number and name game which slants diagnosis according to trends that are motivated by medical funding and politics. Polio got rebranded, so did AIDS, now it is the flu and other conditions. We have serious public health problems, but they are not caused by viruses. Viruses are the necessary scapegoat of our medical system because they divert attention from the costly environmental and social problems driving disease trends, and towards the profitable products that exploit every shift in disease patterns, and which will themselves create more shifts and more problems for the profit machine and the numbers/naming game that supports it.