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Satanic Cult, or just plain Capitalism? Philosophical Perspectives on “The Great Reset”

contributed by

Peter Wilberg 2021

Firstly, forget whatever you have been told about Marxism from people who have never studied Marx in their life. 

Karl Marx long ago predicted that capitalism would lead to an ever-increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of a few – what today is called the 1% (actually more like 0.0001%). But Marx also realised that the type of unparalleled  wealth disparity we see today was an insuperable problem for capitalism itself, because the poorer the 99% are, the less purchasing power they have to buy the products of corporations. 

This is a systemic problem and contradiction at the heart of the capitalist system as a whole – which needs to keep labour costs as low as possible but also needs the purchasing power of employees as consumers. 

Capitalism has had to ‘reset’ itself many times to overcome the periodic crises caused by this contradiction. 

The first type of reset was the creation of ever bigger multinational corporations, each of them an undemocratic top-down ‘command economy’. 

Using ‘globalisation’ as a pretext to exploit cheap labour in underdeveloped countries was also a major ‘reset’. So too, was the use of cheap mortgages and the promotion of credit card borrowing to compensate for 50 years of wage stagnation  – and the resulting banking crisis. Even today, however, domestic debt is higher than GDP in the UK, where £3 trillion was conjured out of the blue to be spent on bailing out failing banks – rather than helping people in debt resulting from low wages and so-called ‘austerity’ measures. 

Another ‘reset’ was the increasing financialisation of capitalism – creating ‘casino economies’ based on stock market speculation at the expense of manufacturing industry. In other words, making money from money, either through adding debt slavery to wage slavery, or through  making money fron Wall St trading – instead of from investment in the production and sale of commodities, and in much needed infrastructure. 

The power of international financial interests and megacorporations came to head with the unprecedented attack on the national and local economies of over 190 countries through the 2020 March 11 lockdowns – under the pretext of protecting people from a pandemic. Manufacturing and hospitality industries relying on air transport for trade were particularly badly affected. 

The oldest ‘reset’ strategy of capitalism has always been WAR, both to boost the economy through military expenditure and employment, and to launch wars against countries with the audacity to wanted to own and control their own natural resources like oil, or who refused to borrow from the World Bank or IMF and accept its demands to privatise the supply of even basic resources such as water. Such countries included Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran – all those on the ‘hit list’ of the infamous ‘Project for a New American Century’ – which in the months preceding 9/11, openly declared the need for a new ‘Pearl Harbour’ to justify a series of wars in the name of a global ‘War on Terror’. 

None of these resets and machinations were or are a mere product of greed for money and control on the part of  ruling class elites. Instead these elites and their networks and cabals are themselves the expression and personification of the basic law of capitalism as an economic system, which is that it cannot survive without a constant increase in the overall quantity of abstract financial value or ‘capital’. As Marx long ago recognised, all other values, including the most basic ethical and human values, necessarily take second place to this basic systemic law of capitalist economies.

The ‘Great Reset’ set out by Klaus Schwab, and promoted by the World Economic Forum he founded can be seen as a last-ditch attempt to protect capitalism from the failure of its earlier resets. But it is historically unprecedented in its scale and nature as a weapon of class war against the 99%.

The vision of this new ‘reset’? To use biotechnology and man-machine merger to genetically reengineer the human species into a reduced population of ‘sheeple’, i.e. compliant neo-feudal serfs under 24/7 state surveillance.

For those who still confuse Marxism and ‘communism’ with centralised Soviet-style state dictatorships, it may come as a surprise to many that Marx himself defined ‘communism’ not as a collectivistic and state-dominated society but as a stateless and individualistic one – in which, to cite Marx himself “the free development of EACH is the condition for the free development of all.” (Communist Manifesto).

In contrast, Klaus Schwab’s vision is of a draconian, militarised and medicalised police state in which all basic human freedoms, including freedom of speech and assembly, are seen as a form of terrorist subversion – and in which all natural and embodied human relationships are digitally ‘virtualised’ and impoverished. 

The fake Covid ‘pandemic’ provided the perfect invisible enemy to start realising this vision through state decrees, lockdowns and mass genetic engineering through ‘vaccination’. 

But to see all this as a sinister plot by evil or ‘Satanic’ forces or beings from another dimension is to flee from this type of analysis into superstition. For whether they sanctify their cruelty and perversities in the name of God or Satan it is the ruling elites themselves that have,  throughout the ages,  used the age-old religious belief in an eternal war of Good and Evil to promote their own objectives – by concocting ‘evil’ enemies, as an excuse for wars, and by demonising and persecuting heretics and all who oppose their rule. Yet to do the same in reverse – to see the ruling elites as possessed by demonic forces – is, from this perspective, to mirror the core religious ideology of these elites themselves.

What really possesses the elites are not alien beings but ideological belief systems – for example the ideologies of economic neo-liberalism, warmongering political neo-conservatism, and now so-called ‘transhumanism’, itself not a belief in alien possession of human beings but an belief in technically engineering the creation of  a new ‘posthuman’ race.

It is not some innate force of evil but such belief systems that are the driving force behind the appalling actions and agendas of the elites, whether these be economic or political belief systems,  those of religion or science, beliefs bound to orthodox religions – or those that take the form of Satanic cults. These belief systems and the actions that result from them in turn are an ideological reflection of the essential nature of the capitalist system, and its innate tendency to sacrifice all deep human and spiritual values to the accumulation of capital for its own sake. 

Capitalism has in essence also always been a ‘biopolitical’ system: one in which those without capital are educated and compelled to sell their body’s physical and mental capacities to an employer – but only to be used as a source of corporate profit and not to fulfil the individual’s creative potentials. For make no mistake about it. No one who has nothing to sell but their labour time gets a job unless the work they do earns the business or corporation they work for (and its financial shareholders) more money than it pays them to do that work. 

In pre-industrial economies, guild craftsmen owned and took pride in the products of their own labour. Their creative and productive capacities were not themselves a commodity they were forced to sell. 

Under capitalism however the products of industrial labour belong to corporate employers – leaving workers alienated from their own embodied biological capacities and creative powers. As bodies they are under the command of their employers and must do what they are told rather than acting and creating from out of their own free will and human potentials.

So when instructed to work from home or wear masks this was not, in essence, any novel loss of freedom but just a new expression of the ‘biopower’ (Foucault) already long exercised over the masses in their factories or offices, as also in schools, military institutions and hospitals. In all such settings, human beings cease to be persons but are seen merely as more or less compliant employees, students, soldiers or patients.

Medical institutions and the Medical Industrial Complex are as much the model and lynchpin of this type of social order as the Military Industrial Complex and the financial institutions and interest groups behind them that Eisenhower warned of.

Today, more than 97% of all money is not cash but fictional digital money – created from thin air as loan credits by the private banking sector – for whom debts owed by individuals and corporations and nations count as assets. Bankers exercise total control over the money supply of nations. Hence the infamous but accurate boast of the founder of the Rothschild dynasty: “Let me issue and  control a nation’s money and I care not who writes its laws.”

And since Reagan helped bring about the collapse of the Soviet ‘Empire of Evil’, and Margaret Thatcher announced the principle of TINA (‘There Is No Alternative’ – to capitalism) a moral vacuum opened up within global capitalism itself. It is perhaps not surprising therefore that certain sections of the ruling class elite have now turned to Satanism to sanctify the horrendous human sacrifice necessarily required by capitalism – the sacrifice of all decent ethical and human values to Mammon. 

But even if Satanism has become the secret  religion of sections of the ruling elite, then Science is its popular, mass religion. For what is called ‘Science’ today is itself just the theology of corporate technocracy and plutocracy. An example is the fiction of the virus that came to be named SARS-CoV-2. 

In reality, no such novel coronavirus has ever been successfully isolated from a patient in any lab in the world, but such minor facts are of no concern to genetic ‘science’, which bases its claims on computer models of such a virus – or rather on gene sequences assumed in advance to be part of a viral genome, in this case those associated with a coronavirus ‘spike protein’. Even Pfizer has admitted that its vaccine was developed on the basis of a computer model of this protein using which it could be cloned – or human cells induced to clone it by injection with mRNA. And both the FDA and CDC have admitted early claims to have isolated a new virus were “contrived”.

Science today is not, as most people assume, the basis of technology but is itself technology driven. Technology driven science works by engineering its ‘scientific’ fictions into reality – in the case of Covid, not only through computer models of a fictional virus but also through research aimed at synthesising and weaponising new viruses in labs like those in Wuhan and elsewhere – a work still in deadly progress.

‘The Science’ behind technology is not nature based but an instrument of technological fabrication, weaponisation and, of course, profitable large scale manufacture. Far from proving the truth of its own ‘scientific’ concepts, however, technology itself is rather like a religious cult – one in which people think that by dressing up as gods, or by making real life statues and other idols of them, they have ‘proved’ their existence. Similarly, technology can dress nature up in any way it chooses so as it to mimic its own preconceived ideas of it. 

Yet to conclude from dressing up games and rituals such as these – and the very real power of technology to engineer its ideas into realities – that all the world’s ills stem from ‘bloodlines’ which were themselves genetically engineered by reptilian aliens or other sources of extraterrestrial evil is to ignore the deeper systemic and socio-economic source of these ills – which is not Satan but capitalism plain and simple. 

It is true that aspects of financial capitalism such as banking and usury have a long history and a long association also with religion and religious temples – which fought a millennia long struggle to make precious metals they owned the principal form of money – thus preventing rulers and lawmakers from Julius Caesar to Abraham Lincoln from issuing their own interest-free money for the people using only base metals or paper currencies. 

To be sure also, Marx failed to anticipate the demise of the gold standard, and could not have anticipated the rise of digital money and its potential use as fiat money – either for the benefit of the people – or only to bailout Wall Street banks. What he did do however is to recognise that the history of all hitherto existing society is a history of class struggle, and not a cosmic struggle of Good and Evil, God and the Devil. Talk of ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ is for kids. 

Except in the form of many tribal hunter-gatherer societies based on shared use of tools and natural resources, class divisions in society have always arisen when there has been a shift from communal to private ownership of means of production – notably land and, later, industrial technologies requiring financial capital to finance it. Before that, class society was built on the creation of a slave class as the booty of war. But whereas the labour of a slave was sold once and for all, the capitalist employee has to constantly sell and resell himself as a wage slave to different employers according to the conditions in the labour market. 

But however brutal or oppressive particular previous class societies were, they were not all all bad in principle. Thus feudal societies allowed serfs their parcel of land and a leisured, aristocratic class to cultivate the arts and architecture through their patronage – and to raise them to unparalleled heights which capitalism alone has degraded and devalued. Capitalism does not breed Beethovens. It also has no place for education in independent, questioning thinking and the search for fundamental truths, but only as indoctrination in the sciences, preparation for wage slavery – or ‘preparatory’ schooling for the elites.  

The propaganda surrounding Covid and the supposed new virus behind it, however, though without any basis in ‘science’, does itself have a character which reveals something fundamentally new about the relation of language and truth. For it is not so much the statements made by the mainstream media but the very words, terms and phrases in which they are couched that turn them into lies and fake science.

Example: a headline reports a rise in the number of ‘cases’ of ‘infection’ by Covid or from a mutant strain such as the ‘Delta variant’. Here it is not enough to dispute the formal  truth value of such a claim (eg to say there has been no such rise) in order to challenge its truth. What is needed instead is an awareness that it is meaningless even to speak of ‘cases’ of ‘infection’ from a virus or from variants of it – for which there is no ‘test’ of ‘infection’ or even evidence of the existence of the virus. 

The MSM has people hooked not through its statements but through individual words such as ‘cases’ – which suggest some sort of ‘infection’ of the sort no ‘test’ has ever been able to confirm. Indeed, the term ‘Covid’ itself is a linguistic lie, since to this day there is no medically agreed diagnosis of it and of what makes its symptoms different from those of other respiratory illnesses. 

This is no minor linguistic observation or aside. Even in Orwell’s 1984, the linguistic corruption of truth lay not so much in false or retracted statements about war strategies, victories and defeats so much as in what the book termed ‘newspeak’. Newspeak is a most fitting term to describe the power of the MSM, whose power lies in so twisting the use of ordinary, seemingly innocuous and self-evident words such as ‘cases’ or ‘infection’ as to turn them into a cleverly concealed form of newspeak – concealed because it lends a spurious, even common sense ‘oldspeak’ type of coherence and rationality to the entire false narrative built on such words. Such words can be called ‘memes’ and the narratives built around them ‘memeplexes’. 

All the more important then, that those who reject this narrative do not create counter-narratives built on a no less questionable language in which words like ‘Illuminati’, or ‘The Cult’ become memes themselves, placeholders for deeper and more thorough analysis of what is going on. 

“All explanation reaches only so far as the explication of what is to be explained.” Martin Heidegger. 

Thus as long as an unexplicated terms such as ‘The Cult’ (David Icke) are used to explain everything, they actually explain nothing. They also add nothing to our understanding of the role that personifications and key ‘actors’ in the ruling elites such as Bill Gates and others actually play – which is essentially to ENACT the in-built  social economic and political contradictions, dynamics and imperatives of global capitalism and imperialism. These have been studied and explicated in far greater depth and detail than in this essay by many brilliant and erudite thinkers and analysts, not all of them Marxists. 

As long ago as 1954  Martin Heidegger, not a Marxist in any way but accused instead of far-right leanings, anticipated the historic role that biotechnology and the bioengineering of human beings would play in the service of what he called “planetary technocracy”. 

Similarly, it was Heidegger who first recognised ‘science’ as its theology, indeed as “THE new religion”. It has been so for a long time, making it easy for media propaganda which claims scientific authority to convince large numbers of people – as long as the heretics persecuted and crimes committed in the name of this religion remain unreported.

To merely enumerate the crimes of capitalism’s ruling elites and pin them on hidden cults or ‘secret societies’ is all the more absurd given the openly declared and publicly accessible nature of the aims, beliefs and agendas promulgated by these elites – and the fact that the scale and nature of this criminality is far from being anything in any way new. 

One of the birth crimes of industrial capitalism itself was ‘the enclosures’ which stripped peasants of hitherto common land, allowing them to be herded, men, women and children’ into industrial factories to labour 14 hours a day with barely enough pay not to starve.

Imperial power has always been a force for globalisation. Historically, it has long shifted from the British Empire to the US.  That is why it is disheartening to see anti-globalist American ‘patriots’ today still more concerned about the loss of American lives in countries such as Afghanistan than in the loss of Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian lives – all victims of US Imperialism and its unending wars, and war crimes.

But let us return to language. There can be no doubt that there is a ‘spiritual’ dimension to the current resistance to the MSM narrative and the elite agendas behind it. But it is as easy to get addicted to the memetic languages of ‘spirituality’  and spiritual ‘techniques’ as it is to the genetic languages of bioengineering.  Neither are a substitute for a new and deeper way of thinking about how best to find ways of responding to current and future challenges, challenges long ago anticipated by many of the greatest thinkers of the past.

If there is any truth to the saying ‘In the beginning was The Word’ it is that it is words and the trail or ‘wake’ they leave to which we must a-waken. 

David Icke recently suggested that technology could and perhaps was already being used to directly influence and control human consciousness, perception and thought, using targeted electromagnetic waves. 

All that he says is wholly plausible scientifically, but is lacking in one fundamental philosophical and metaphysical insight: namely that technology in general manipulates nothing else BUT consciousness and perception – for there simply IS no reality OTHER than consciousness and perception. 

Even the human brain and its neurons are nothing but a perceived phenomenon – one of countless perceptual forms taken BY consciousness WITHIN fields of consciousness. The same applies to genes, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles and even so-called ‘electromagnetic waves’ – everything that we mistakenly perceive and/or conceive as belonging to a purely ‘physical’ or ‘material’ rather than a ‘spiritual’ realm. Thus there simply are no waves, frequencies or particles that are not already and in essence waves, frequencies or particles OF consciousness. So to speak of electromagnetic waves subconsciously influencing consciousness through via the brain is to speak of nothing that is not and has not always been happening all the time.

All realities are part of an intersubjective universe – a universe of consciousnesses connected through and within consciousness. Only the words and language used to speak about this fundamental truth have changed – or distorted it. 

In the past, reality, including all sensual phenomena, was conceived and perceived as a world of spiritual beings  (consciousnesses) in a spiritual world (a world of consciousness). No other mode of existence outside the ‘spiritual’ – outside consciousness – was imagined for one second. Even stones, rocks and mountains were recognised as forms taken by spirit or consciousness: not as anything ‘material’ and also not composed of some scientific abstraction called ‘energy’ – a concept launched into scientific prominence and dominance with the birth of the steam engine and then the oil industry, both of which lay the technological foundations of capitalism.  

Yet today New Age spiritual teachers and healers speak of ‘energies’ and ‘energy medicine’ as if the term ‘energy’ itself denoted some timeless and ahistorical cosmic reality. The word ‘energy’ is another example of a verbal ‘meme’ borrowed from science that is constantly replicated.

Indeed the memetic use of terms like ‘energy’ or ‘quantum’, has now become a ‘sine qua non’ for all those who feel a need to lend the authority and credence of Science to their spiritual beliefs and practices. Christ’s message was simply: ‘go out and heal’, not “Watch my free webinar and then buy into my revolutionary new form of ‘quantum healing’.”!

As for the ‘demonic’  in ancient Greece the word ‘daemon’ referred to the guiding inner voice of the individual and not to that of a ‘demon’.

The distinction of Right and Wrong action is, of course, an indisputable ethical reality, as is the injunction to ‘do no harm’. Yet in the greatest works of spiritual, cultural and socio-political literature you will find no concept of ‘evil’.

Even Satan, if he exists, exists for a good reason in the God-Consciousness, if only to awaken people to right and wrong, and raise their awareness too, of language and its corruption. And even the historic and symbolic role of the angel Lucifer was to assert the right to rebel – to say NO to self-proclaimed authorities and rulers. ‘Lucifer’, after all, means ‘bearer of light’ and not ‘force of darkness’. ‘Satan’ too, however, comes from the Hebrew word for an angel sent by God – in the Old Testament to put the Righteous to the test. In this sense, He is certainly active. In a similar vein, Heidegger saw in technology a challenge to human beings to restore an authentic relationship to their own being – which meant also their own mortality as human beings. 

The death phobia upon which today’s fear propaganda around Covid feeds exists in marked contrast to those times and cultures in which death was or still is an everyday phenomenon. This death phobia is reflected in the fantasy of medical technology that it can somehow conquer death. Vaccines are offered as a form of technological salvation, along with absurd transhumanist fantasies of attaining a type of surrogate digital immortality by uploading the psyche to the Cloud. We are speaking here of a medical worldview which is essentially the waging of an undeclared war on death. 

Only in a culture which, based as it is on the atheistic theology of science, has lost faith in the immortality of the soul, can a belief in vanquishing death through vaccines and other biotechnologies become a means of avoiding confrontation with our human mortality.  And yet with the Covid ‘crisis’ the attempt to flee, fight and ‘cure’ death has reached hitherto unprecedented and paranoid proportions.

Perhaps it is in death phobia that the deeper existential fear of the ruling elites lies – that which drives them to resort to the age-old cult of human and child sacrifice to save their own skins. Thus for those who have already sold their soul to Capitalism and to Science, perhaps ‘Satanism’ in this sense makes its own vicarious sense. Or the investment by Amazon’s multimillionaire Jeff Bezos in a company aiming to reverse the aging process.

For others, perhaps ‘the virus’ offers them a chance of saving their souls from an insane world precisely through death. For we do not die ‘from’ illnesses of any sort so much as through and by means of them. Yet the search for physical immortality through genetics and other forms of bioengineering has long been part of transhumanist ideologies and beliefs – in denial of the basic truth that mortality and physical death is not only a defining part of the human condition but also a biological necessity for the spiritual and psychical SURVIVAL of the individual – the further unfoldment of their potentials in ‘transhuman’ dimensions of consciousness itself. 

Yet just as it was quite inconceivable in the Middle Ages for anyone not to believe in God, so today it has become inconceivable not to believe in modern Science, with its dogma of a purely ‘physical’ universe devoid of meaning and independent of consciousness. Conversely, it has become easier to believe in the end of the world, and of humanity, than of an end to Capitalism. 




  1. What we are witnessing is a spread of a syphilitic brain eating virus among the population and not a ‘Corona’ virus. Never has there been so many that can live with so many open contradictions as truth without a bat of an eye. In all irony, upon consideration of this post the p(l)andemic response as a war on death looks to me like a crisis of faith, since the atheist majority of today who just a while ago triumphantly proclaimed the victory of their souless cause; the belief that there is nothing but DEAD matter, a final destiny for all life, have now to face the reckoning of their own proclamation. But there is no stoic belly for it, no heroic bearing what must inevitably come, no, what this brain dead society must do is launche all its economic and industrial might, with all its engineering potential to move heaven and earth in order to fight Death at all costs. A truly stupendous end to human thinking. Thank you for a lucid and refreshing thinking in the graveyard world of today’s mass media.