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Peter Wilberg book announcement

We have recently finished editing and self-publishing this powerful collection of spiritual practices created by Peter Wilberg. Peter is a clear and insightful thinker and writer. His work spanning dozens of books is becoming increasingly relevant now that the philosophical tension between science, spirituality, and medicine, has become the central issue of our time.

In this particular work of practical wisdom, Peter asked our help to make this manual of practices available as a physical book, and though you can find a version of this online, and we will have a kindle version available soon, I recommend reading this physical edition.

For this book is not only about developing an awareness of the sensual qualities of awareness itself, but also about feeling the field of awareness beneath and within sense experience. It helps to have the tactile experience of a physical book—especially as this one is formatted and arranged with the space of the senses in mind, interspersing poems and passages from other great thinkers, with color diagrams to aid in the experience of the sensual and spatial qualities of awareness. Peter’s “yoga of the face” and pair meditation practices in particular are a unique and important development in contemporary psychology and spirituality, where the soul is learning to join the senses with the spirit, and the self with the other, in more soulful dimensions of embodiment.