Ozark: A Portrait of Power Post-patriarchy

As film has become, with the dominance of the superheros and other archetypal characters, mostly a medium reflecting the importance of traditional myth-making in changing times, television has become the medium best capable of telling complex stories with the the level of tragic moral confusion needed to probe the intricacies and challenges of contemporary character and society. The best shows ... Read More »

Eulogy for Peter Wilberg

audio link: https://youtu.be/v8xZm9u3eQ8 On March 17, 2022, just ten days shy of his 70th birthday, Peter Wilberg, a very unique human being—and a courageous thinker—passed over from the earthly plane to begin what another bold thinker, Carlos Castaneda, called the “definitive journey” that awaits us all. After a long and painful illness, Peter was looking forward to this journey and ... Read More »

Creative Coherence: From Political Physics to Psychic Politics in Hypermodernity

pdf link here “…the One is not the transcendent that might contain immanence but the immanent contained within a transcendental field. One is always the index of a multiplicity: an event, a singularity, a life.”- Gilles Deleuze in “Pure Immanence: A Life” “Is the syntax that requires beginnings, developments and ends as statements of fact, the only syntax that exists? ... Read More »

The Problem of Power: Legitimate Authority and the Politics of Star Trek

pdf link here “It is no longer enough for the citizen to submit—the modern state demands accomplices.” -Nicolás Gómez Dávila (“Don Colacho”) When most people think of Star Trek, especially in any kind of political context, what comes to mind is its liberal, humanist vision of the future, as well its embrace of racial and cultural diversity. These qualities lead ... Read More »

Peter Wilberg book announcement

We have recently finished editing and self-publishing this powerful collection of spiritual practices created by Peter Wilberg. Peter is a clear and insightful thinker and writer. His work spanning dozens of books is becoming increasingly relevant now that the philosophical tension between science, spirituality, and medicine, has become the central issue of our time. In this particular work of practical ... Read More »

Rudolf Steiner and Seth: critique and discussion

critique contributed by Peter Wilberg with discussion below: Steiner’s ‘spiritual science’ is imbued through and through with conventional scientific‘positivism’ – a view that truth is a property of the correctness of verbal propositions orassertions about reality. Paradoxically, he adopted this ‘positivistic’ view of ‘science’ at just thetime when positivism itself was being radically questioned by phenomenological philosophy andphenomenological science – ... Read More »

Religious Exemption to Forced Biotech Injections

contributed by Chad McCarty From a deep belief that God has imbued each human being with the free will to think and choose for themselves, I contend that, having examined the available evidence, it would violate my deepest convictions to capitulate to a coercive campaign to receive an experimental medical intervention in the form of a pharmaceutical product, the manufacturers ... Read More »

Covid numbers

People will be interpreting and debating covid numbers for the foreseeable future. In some places (in more conservative places especially) the unvaccinated are poorer and of generally worse health, in other places, (like my community) the unvaccinated are the most health conscious people around. The “unvaccinated” are sometimes the “not fully vaccinated”, which are often people that had bad reactions ... Read More »