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Health and Biopolitics

‘An advanced industrial society is sick-making because it disables people from coping with their environment and, when they break down, it substitutes a “clinical” prosthesis for the broken relationships.’
‘People would rebel against such an environment if medicine did not explain their biological disorientation as a defect in their health, rather than as a defect in the way of life which is imposed on them or which they impose on themselves.’
Ivan Illich

For a list of media resources countering the emerging biosecurity state, see here: http://www.creativecoherence.org/2021/02/03/resources-for-the-resistance/

The following is a crucial book list for navigating the dangerous biopolitics of the 21st century:


Critical Medico-biology

Balint, Michael “The Doctor, His Patient and the Illness”

Boadella, David “Lifestreams”

Broom, Brian “Meaning-full Disease – How personal experience and meanings cause and maintain physical illness”, “Somatic Illness and the Patient’s Other Story” and “Transforming Clinical Practice Using the MindBody Approach: A Radical Integration”

Banks, Dr. Nancy Turner “AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire ” and “The Slow Death of the AIDS/Cancer Paradigm”

Brown, E. Richard “Rockefeller Medicine Men”

Carel, Havi “Illness”

Chiozza, Luis A. “Hidden Affects in Somatic Disorders” and “Why Do We Fall Ill?”

Cowan, Thomas “Cancer and the New Biology of Water”, “Human Heart Cosmic Heart”

Engelbrecht, Torsten and Kohnlein Claus “Virus Mania”

Foucault, Michel “The Birth of the Clinic”

Goldstein, Kurt “The Organism”

Groddeck, G. “The Meaning of Illness.”

Heidegger, Martin “Zollikon Seminars”

Hume, Ethel D. “Bechamp or Pasteur: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology”

Humphries, Suzanne and Bystrianyk, Roman “Dissolving Illusions:Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History”

Illich, Ivan “Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis
The Expropriation of Health”

Kay, Lily “Who Wrote the Book of Life?” and “The Molecular Vision of Life”

Keller, Evelyn Fox “The Century of the Gene”

Kennedy, Robert F. Jr. “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”

Kleinman, Arthur “The Illness Narratives”

Lanctot, Guylaine “The Medical Mafia”

Latour, Bruno “The Pasteurization of France”

Lester, Dawn and Parker, David “What Really Makes You Ill”

Leader, Darian and Cornfield, David “Why do People Get Ill?”

Lewontin, R. C. “Biology as Ideology”

Mindell, Arnold “Working with the Dreaming Body”

Roberts, Jane “The Way Toward Health – a Seth book”

Roberts, Janine “Fear of the Invisible”

Scheff, Liam “Official Stories”

Shiva, Vandana “Oneness vs. The One Percent”

Sveneaus, Fredrick “The Hermeneutics of Medicine and the Phenomenology of Health”

Tauber, Alfred I. “The Immune Self”

Trebing, William P “Goodbye Germ Theory”

Welch, Dr. H. Gilbert “Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health”

Wilberg, Peter “The Illness is the Cure” “Heidegger, Medicine, and ‘Scientific Method'” and “from Psychosomatics to Soma-semiotics”

Zigmond, David “If You Want Good Personal Healthcare See a Vet”


The rest of what follows are links to general health websites and a few specific links for specific diseases:

General Health Websites:


-Mercola’s website has become the main public health resource for a whole culture waking up to the horrors of mainstream medicine. He has been targeted by the government, so now the sheer volume of good info and the platform he offers for so many others in the health field is in jeopardy.


-The Weston A. Price Foundation are a great bunch of researchers, thinkers and organizers. This site is full of good information and such deeply thought essays on nutrition.  They are refreshingly philosophical and political compared to the more science worshiping paleo-crowd.


Chris Kresser has organized the science of health into a very good model with many pithy articles on all health subjects.  He is always ahead of the field, though a bit more hesitant than Mercola or the Weston Price people to come down on more philosophical subjects where the data isn’t clear cut, like vaccines, GMOS etc.   He is getting too popular and successful to risk being too alternative or polemical against the mainstream like Mercola and the Weston A. Price Foundation.  The Functional Medicine paradigm, of which he is a top player, is one more example of systems/complexity thinking in the sciences, and like in other fields, it is a sign of the mainstream emerging out of reductive models and fragmented research and into integrated practice. This article, a beginner’s guide to reading research is particularly helpful in understanding and interpreting studies: http://chriskresser.com/a-beginners-guide-to-scientific-research/


-Still the best over-all diet.  This diet is the best place to start adressing health problems.  It is a great general template from which one can tweak for individual needs.  The book itself is still probably the best book on nutrition and supplementation.  It has made guiding people with supplementation a much easier task in my work.


Jack Kruse is an eccentric and arrogant but incredibly brilliant health educator; his blog integrates biophysics and biochemistry to show the details of how it all fits together.  Not light reading by any means, but if you want to get to and understand the deeper levels of health, Jack is the man.

also I will mention again David Pratt’s website (also mentioned in the main recommended reading list).  His site is full of great info on so many topics. Check out this article on the cause of illness:


For books on Herbalism, I highly suggest Peter Holmes’ Energetics of Western Herbs.  Western Herbalism is quite frankly in its infancy compared to the energetic sophistication of Chinese Herbalism.  There are people making progress in a “planetary herbalism”, but I think for us to reach the sophistication of the Chinese system, a better grasp of energetics is a must.  For a simple but very good guide I also suggest: Sharol Tilgner’s “Herbal Medicine:From the Heart of the Earth”

Specific Conditions:



Heart Disease:http://www.creativecoherence.org/2014/12/29/heart-disease/

Covid: here