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Time and Entropy while you are having fun

Entropy and time are not illusions, just functions of the perceiving organism. Time is not a human invention with no objective basis, but both our experience of time and measurement of entropy depend on a localized process put into motion by differences in intensity, that in larger or different contexts would be completely different. Time and entropy are not arbitrary constructs, but they do vary depending on how the invariant intensive differences that give rise to them are distributed through the spatial reference frame our biology is conditioned to.

Time drags when you are bored because you are stuck in a closed system running down towards maximum entropy(complete uniformity and boredom), but when you are having fun at a party, it has a way of opening and synchronizing systems so that time tends to speed up and even go backwards in some sense, as the non-local connections to other systems in different places or times becomes more “entangled” with the local one, thereby accessing other sources of difference that can keep time moving and things happening.
Time is relative to our experience, but there is a basic experience of time we are subject to, pitted as we are against the entropy of the scalar expansion of the universe, always spoiling the party with the dissipation of creative tension, not to mention hangovers and death.
Of course we can always pick up the thread again and keep the party going. With the right connections and relations, we can even even take it further; we can gain enough symmetry in our flows to increase our inward intensity until it matches the light-speed of the expansion and weds us to the immortal revelry of the Gods—the party that never gets old—forever reaping the harvest of the universe’s inner fire.