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Suggested Videos

Dark Journalist’s Xseries

Fractal Woman’s videos are explanations of Ken Wheeler–an eccentric thinker with some of the best ether mechanics in the scientific underground.  This video is a good start:

Understanding Contemporary Art Video Series with John David Ebert:

Biophysics overview:

the new genetics:

This guy has the best videos on the taoist arts. he has a great sense of humor, though this one is a more technical overview of key principles:

Brilliant spiritual scholar Debashish Banerji is interviewed.  In this video series we get a wonderful summary look at the history of Indian thought with three videos devoted particularly to Sri Aurobindo:

John has many great videos but this short series on Nietzsche is particularly crucial:

Check out Jason Reza Jorjani’s discussions on New Thinking Allowed:

Astrology courses with David Cochrane. Here is his basic one:

Also check out Chris Brennan. His channel has many good astrology videos. Here is a good one for beginners:

Daniel Sheehan’s courses, especially this one the role of the public intellectual:

History of Philosophy course:

Dan Winter’s videos on the physics of consciousness
– whatever people may say about him, and I will say he is a little crazy–he comes off like a bit of a charlatan; he is, however, an effective presenter of intuitive metaphors that distill a lot of the essence of the science of consciousness, without all the idiosyncratic jargon that so many more sane researchers get caught up in.  He can still be difficult for some people to follow because he references a lot of esoteric material, or if they do follow the spiritual references, they usually don’t get the physics.  But he is worth the study.

here is his best video:

and an extensive five part seminar that surveys the whole New Age paradigm at its deepest. the first 20 minutes are too involved in his biofeedback device. they can be skimmed or skipped:

Scott Noble’s films on the history of class struggle:

A wonderful collection of indie-documentaries available to watch for free. Here are the history lessons we desperately need right now:

and here is a more extensive collection of progressive films:

Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey.  Whole class series:

Or a short animated lecture:

**Reciprocal systems physics lectures**:

Eric Dollard’s lecture on the true nature of Electricity: